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806 N. Main St.

Anderson, SC 29621

Tel: 864-518-2868


9am - 7pm

7 days a week

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Available Treatments

A natural way to improving your health.

Let us show you how Chinese medicine can help you:

     Unfortunately, many people get sick, often chronically, and still do not know the root cause of their sickness.  Many people do not know how to prevent sickness.  Many people do not know how to keep healthy cells or improve already damaged cells.   

     These same people go to doctors who load them up with prescription drugs, which may help ease the symptoms, but cause other damage to the body, often creating another reason for the doctor to prescribe another drug.  This is an expensive and harmful cycle to the body.

     With a proper life-style and amount of nutrients, the body can naturally heal itself.  Our hope is to prevent sickness, improve health, and help people suffering from sickness.  This is why we dedicate our careers to the health industry.

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