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After 4 visits of 3 hours each I am walking without pain, my back is not hurting and I feel better than I have in 5 years. I would highly recommend you to visit Nancy.


This was absolutely the best massage I've ever gotten. Nancy really knows what she's doing. I've had lower back and neck pain for years and nothing has worked, so I tried her massage. After 4 sessions, I am totally pain free! I highly recommend everyone visit Healthy Day In.

              --Andy M.

Nancy is amazing. I live in Augusta and travel to Simpsonville because she is the only therapist I want to see. Each visits she focuses on all my therapeutic needs and cures all my current ailments.

         --Kevin E

I've been suffering from low back pain for almost a year, along with other ailments. I had read an article about low back pain recently in Consumer Reports and learned that therapeutic massage was a very close second as the best treatment. So I've been receiving treatment from Nancy for several months (weekly) and can happily say that I've seen positive results. The pain is decreasing (even though I keep lifting and bending) and I sleep better at night. I also seem to have a little more energy.
I think this is the result of treatment and better nutrition from Nancy.

            --David F.

Nancy is a very compassionate therapist. She really cares about her clients and will work hard to relieve your pain during your visit.

          --Buddy A

I feel so relaxed now.. my body is new!!!  She did a fantastic job. I wish I would've went to her yesterday instead of going to that doctor's office that did absolutely nothing for me. She could tell everything that was wrong with me and she actually fixed my issues that the doctor did not care to do anything about. After having one session with her I trust her completely! She cares about her patients and she gives her all. I recommend going to see her and I would definitely come back.

             --Julie C.

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